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The ESPAÇO CÊNICO was founded by the diretor and theatrical producer Luiz Antônio Rocha in 1986. It operates in the market of cultural production, cinema and TV for more than 30 years. The company produced the cast of hundreds of nacionals and internacionals commercials, films, novels and minisseries. Received some casting "Columnists" awards and two prizes "Mambembe" for best theatrical production. In the audiovisual sector stands out  “Mandrake”, “O Brado Retumbante”, “Laços de Família”, “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, “Presença de Anita”, “A Lei e o Crime”, “Vidas Opostas”, “Seven years in Tibet” by Jean-Jacques Annaud, “Le Jaguar” by Francis Veber, “Anjos do Sol” by Rudi Langman and “A Mulher do meu amigo” by Domingos Oliveira, among others. His last works were “Velho Chico”, by Benedito Ruy Barbosa and “Dois Irmãos”, by Milton Hatoum - both with direction of Luiz Fernando Carvalho for TV Globo.

In the production of talents, the Espaço Cênico solidified itself and created a brand, but it is in the Performing Arts that the producer has put its focus in the last years and, mainly, in the formation of audience.


It is a segment of the ESPAÇO CÊNICO focusing on the direction of casting, register of actors, cast research for cinema, TV and theater. The initials of the name Luiz Antônio Rocha form the name of this segment - LAR CASTING.

Began his career as an actor in 1983 at the Tablado theater, in the children´s musical "O Dragão Verde" with direction of Maria Clara Machado. In addition to producer and theater director is one of the most renowned casting directors in the market, according to Veja magazine, being responsible for launching various talents. Graduated in Cinema, he was assistant director of Murilo Salles, Carlos Manga, João Daniel, Ricardo Waddington, Alexandre Avancini among others. He directed several short films and commercials, highlighting the short film "Banheiro" chosen by the public as the best short film by the popular vote of the Brazilian Mix Festival of sexual diversity. He was a member of the Michael Chekhov Brasil board and, in 2012, and member of the INTERNATIONAL EMMY AWARDS oficial jury held in New York. 


In theater, produced the children's musicals "O menino maluquinho", by Ziraldo; "Uma Aventura no Outro Mundo", by Gilray Coutinho and "Um Peixe fora d`água, by Sura Berditchevisky, winning the awards of best theater producer in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Produced and directed  "Eu te darei o Céu", by Nanna de Castro and "Uma Loira na Lua", witch was a public and critical success, consider by Flávio Marinho in his book "Quem tem medo de besteirol" as one of the reiventores of the genre. Produced, directed, created the scenarios and costumes of the show "A História do Homem que ouve Mozart e da Moça do Lado que escuta o Homem", by Francis Ivanovich witch participated in the official exhibitions of the Curitiba and Porto Alegre Festivals of 2011. Directed and wrote  "Frida Kahlo, a Deusa Tehuana"; and "Brimas", by Beth Zalcman and Simone Kalil, nominated for the Shell award for best text in 2015/2016.


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